Do Tortoises Attract Bugs?

You might to find that your tortoise vivarium is house to extra than simply your pets, and no longer in an effective way. Many a tortoise proprietor has all at once discovered themselves faced with flies or different pests within the enclosure, however is that this down for your tortoise or is there every other reason?

So, do tortoises draw in insects? Tortoises themselves don’t draw in insects. But their poop, their bedding, their meals, and their water provide might draw in insects in particular in case you stay them inside of.

This signifies that you wish to have to increase a method to stay a tortoise’s indoor enclosure worm unfastened and we’ll check out the way you just do that in addition to analyzing commonplace pests that would possibly threaten your tortoise’s well being if they come in its house.

Do tortoises attract bugs? -
Do tortoises draw in insects? –

What Is It About Tortoises That Attract Bugs?

It’s value noting that whilst tortoises don’t blank up after themselves, there’s not anything inherently grimy about them and once they’re open air, they don’t generally tend to draw any further insects than you’re going to generally to find for your lawn.

However, once they’re indoors the prerequisites in a vivarium can turn into rather sexy to positive types of pest. Firstly, there’s the heat air – many bugs want heat for his or her eggs to hatch, so that they could also be drawn by way of the warmth development of the enclosure.

Then, once they get there what do they to find? Well, some great humidity which would possibly stay your tortoise’s pores and skin feeling excellent, nevertheless it is helping the bedding (substrate), meals and tortoise poop succeed in the optimum situation to decay.

Most kinds of fly can be interested in this decay, and the place there are flies there can be spiders, even ants also are rather occupied with those prerequisites and as we’ve up to now written about, some ant species aren’t conducive to the well being of a tortoise in any respect.

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In truth many alternative kinds of insect will also be interested in this (two that you could no longer have come throughout prior to come with fungus gnats and springtails – see beneath for extra main points in this) and as a tortoise proprietor, it’s not likely that you are going to wish to welcome these kind of pests.

And whilst, tortoises in out of doors enclosures don’t generally tend to draw any further bugs than commonplace, you’re going to almost certainly wish to stay those spaces as freed from pests as imaginable too – in any case, who needs to be swarmed by way of stinging bugs, bitten by way of ants, and many others. once they spend time with their tortoises?

How To Keep Bugs Out Of A Tortoise Enclosure

Keeping insects out of an indoor tortoise enclosure would possibly come with:

  • Keeping an in depth eye on sanitation – in case you temporarily take away poop, you don’t permit uneaten meals to hang out and also you ceaselessly trade your tortoise’s bedding, you would possibly not completely take away the prerequisites that draw in bugs however  you will have to lower down on them to stay the volumes extra manageable
  • Hanging up some sticky paper traps – sticky paper traps can simply be positioned above the vivarium to scale back the volume of flies, and many others. that get into the vivarium within the first position – as a result of they by no means come into touch with a tortoise, they’re totally protected to make use of and received’t possibility your tortoise’s well being
  • Hanging up some “barrier material” – you wish to have to watch out with this as a result of it could have an have an effect on at the temperature or humidity inside the vivarium however you’ll use a layer of material, generally utilized in out of doors pest regulate, to seal off the vivarium although it is important to take away this material to achieve get entry to for your tortoises

We’ve already written an in depth article on coping with pests open air and this covers the whole lot that you’ll do when the issue isn’t inside of your own home.

One factor that it is important to to worry is that you will have to by no means use chemical insecticides in a vivarium or, preferably, even open air. There could be very little helpful analysis in regards to the have an effect on of such chemical substances on reptiles or tortoises and thus, there’s no technique to inform what could be protected and what would possibly injure or kill your tortoises.

What To Do If Your Tortoise Enclosure Becomes Infested With Insects Or Pests

Also, it’s vital to notice that in case you do to find that your vivarium has turn into infested that it may be moderately difficult to get the insects to depart.

The fundamental procedure is to take away the whole lot and provides it an intensive blank with cleaning soap and water (use a simple, non-scented cleaning soap) and bake the substrate used for bedding to kill off any eggs in them prior to hanging the whole lot again.

However, it’s honest to mention that a undeniable stage of insects is prone to turn into the norm on your tortoises and you could want to post with one of the most much less problematic pests so long as they’re no longer inflicting problems within the room that the vivarium is in.

Do Tortoises Get Fleas, Gnats And Other Pests?

There are rather a couple of pests which might be interested in tortoise habitats and a few are extra commonplace than others. But are they an issue on your tortoises?

Fungus Gnats

These are very small flies (max. 0.2 inches lengthy). They are darkish in colour and, in truth, they encompass a number of other species. Their larvae are rather helpful within the flora and fauna as they destroy down decaying plant roots and different natural water fabrics.

The grownup flies don’t reside very lengthy however whilst they’re round, as their title suggests, they are able to assist to pollenate various kinds of fungus in addition to some plant species. They experience lifestyles in damp soil and thus, they’re going to be at liberty to transport right into a tortoise habitat if they are able to.

The excellent information is that they provide no actual danger to you or your tortoises. Though, in case you have plant seedlings round, they are able to be critically broken by way of those pests. If you need to do away with them then you’ll check out herbal pest regulate the usage of both Hypo aspis mites or the micro organism Bacillus thuringiensis.

Do tortoises attract bugs? - Fungus gnats
Fungus gnats (on sticky tape)


Tortoises don’t get fleas which generally simplest infest mammals, however they do draw in snow fleas. These also are very small bugs which can be prone to hop across the cage. They are discovered just about in all places on the earth.

They are totally risk free to each people and tortoises and their presence is typically one thing that almost all tortoise house owners will simply come to forget about. They consume rotting plant subject and also will consume fungal spores which is a favorable factor.

They generally is a problematic pest on some types of agricultural crop however differently, they’re easiest left to their very own gadgets.

Do tortoises attract bugs? - Springtails
Close up of a springtail

Ticks and Mites

Tortoises will also be at risk of each tick and mite infections. It’s value noting that those 8 legged parasites generally tend to reside open air they usually’re much less prone to make their means indoors and not using a little journey to your clothes.

It’s no longer unattainable that they’d get indoors that means however in case you to find them to your tortoises, they almost certainly got here in with the tortoises.

Ticks will also be got rid of from the tortoise by way of the usage of a couple of tweezers. Clamp as shut as imaginable the surface. Pull them off slowly however firmly. Make certain you were given each the barbs and the tick’s head (or return for them) after which kill the tick in a jar of alcohol. Treat the wound left at the back of and observe for an infection.

Take the tick to the vet and notice if they have got anything else so as to add or counsel.

Mites are smaller and rather uncommon in tortoises; they are able to be killed the usage of a commercially to be had mite killer designed for reptile use. After they’re useless, use some Betadine to disinfect the surface. Always communicate for your vet in case you have any worries.

Do tortoises attract bugs? Ticks
Close up of a tick


Do tortoises draw in insects? No, a minimum of no longer by way of design. It’s the tortoise’s residing prerequisites which magnetize insects. This would possibly appear to be a minor difference, nevertheless it is helping to offer a foundation wherein you’ll cut back the chances of a tortoise enclosure turning into infested.

The excellent information is that almost all bugs interested in tortoise enclosures are risk free and the one actual pests which might be prone to hassle your pets are mites and ticks. These will also be handled moderately simply with out risking the well being of your tortoise.

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