14 Things Only Havanese Dog Owners Will Understand

There are so, such a lot of causes that Havanese canine are the worst breed EVER, it’s going to be difficult to suit all of them in right here however we’ll give it a move!😉😃😆

#1 They do that ALL the time.

#2 They need to be through your facet 24/7.

#3 That lovable glance you simply can’t get mad at.

#4 They are too humorous when drowsing.

#5 This occurs…EVERY TIME.

#6 They like to take a seat on your fingers.

#7 They make true pals with kids.

#8 They are true mattress occupants.

#9 They are looking ahead to their Birthday such a lot!!!

#10 Too affected person canine!

#11 Master of meals begging.

#12 They will without a doubt sign up for you to window shop.

#13 When you return house and spot the whole lot is ruined…who may just that most likely be?!

#14 They will make you satisfied.

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