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Why choose PHL Outsourcing

webhouse-why outsource in the PhilippinesWhy Outsource in the Philippines

Surely, you will be offered a lot of services from hundreds of companies.  Choosing the best outsourcing solutions provider must always be the goal.  Allow us to enumerate reasons why Philippines is a very good place to outsource your services.

webhouse-Why Choose Webhouse ASIAWhy Choose Webhouse ASIA

Since WEBHOUSE ASIA is born from one of the Philippines’ leading website developers, iConcept Global Advertising, Inc., you are confident of the outsourced team that can align quality output with tangible sales conversion goals.

Why Choose Webhouse ASIA

The Nurturing Environment

With main office located at the heart of Bulacan, Philippines, WEBHOUSE ASIA operates in the Metro Luzon Urban Beltway, where globally competitive industrial and service centers are found. The environment where WEBHOUSE ASIA is positioned serves as the catalyst for development and prime advocate of the strategic progress theme.

Seeing Bulacan as the home of many of the country’s greatest artists with a good number of Philippine National Artists, it is no wonder that its people are cultivated with an art-driven culture. At WEBHOUSE ASIA, where the local culture is refined professionally and enriched globally, original ideas, themes and messaging rise artistically that set its clients apart from competitors. After all, invigorating ideas and stimulating themes born from novelty and innovation are what WEBHOUSE ASIA is about.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Surrounding WEBHOUSE ASIA head office are the powerhouse universities in the province acclaimed nationally; among them: Bulacan State University, Baliwag University, La Consolacion University of the Philippines and Centro Escolar University-Malolos. Annually, hundreds of new information and technology graduates from these schools find themselves looking for jobs in the metro outside Bulacan, most of which end up in positions mismatched with their academic training. The WEBHOUSE ASIA structure is intellectually engineered to serve its fellowmen, with the Bulacan head office catering almost all the corporate divisions – human resources, operations, accounting, logistics and administrative – and the Manila office devoted for the sales and project management departments.

In this structure, WEBHOUSE ASIA helps in providing comprehensive opportunities and career growth for Bulacan graduates, without having them displaced out of the province or end up in positions mismatched with their backgrounds. If there is one corporate social responsibility iConcept Global and its brands focus right now, it is to develop worthy citizens contributing to nationwide progress beginning with the local empowerment.

iConcept Global also conducts free seminars on the recent trends in web design and development.  This is one of way of giving the students the industry knowledge that is useful as they enter the workplace.


Low Attrition Rate

Defined as the measure of the number of individuals or items moving into or out of the company over a specific period of time, attrition rate is one of the primary factors that determine the steady-state level of customers a business can support. The information technology outsourcing industry seems to be one of the industries with high attrition rate probably because people fail to keep pace with the unique work patterns. Several factors which increase attrition rate include stress as a by-product of shifting working hours and work environments, career instability as a function of contractual agreements and limited opportunities, and loss of work satisfaction partly because of restricted career growth and partly because of the boredom from work routine.

For clients, high attrition rate simply means decreased work efficiency and coordination problems, thus reduced quality output. The certainty that the initial outsourced team will still be the same team months or years from now must be guaranteed for project management and client accord. Yielding low attrition rate, the organization structure of iConcept Global reduces unnecessary stress by avoiding human resources displacement with people having stable career and working close to their home and nature. Nevertheless, to undertake extensive development on the corporate key to success is one of the missions of iConcept Global.

Competitive Pricing

While iConcept Global through WEBHOUSE ASIA offers different pricing models for different types of outsourcing services, clients are assured of competitive pricing. Overhead costs are reduced as operation expenses and cost of living in the suburb are kept at the satisfactory minimum. It is clear that iConcept Global delivers higher quality output than those in the metropolitan and yet offers irresistible pricing stipulation based on transparency.  With the birth of the outsourcing-offshoring division, more and more organizations will benefit from quality online services for a fraction of a cost. 

Why outsource in the Philippines

World’s best communicators

In the latest Business English Index data from GlobalEnglish Corporation, Philippines emerged as the world’s best country in business English.  The country also made it in the top five in 2011, an indication of continued economic growth and business success.  This recognition is one proof of Filipinos’ capabilities to work with business owners from various countries notwithstanding the language that is often seen as a hindrance in effective business dealings with foreigners.

Dedicated Filipinos

The web is a fast-paced world and professionals better be prepared and updated.  Another likable quality of Filipinos is the dedication they put in everything that they do.  It is nature for Filipinos to achieve perfection in every single aspect of work.  This can be attributed to another likable characteristic of Filipinos – being family oriented.  Too often, the professionals you will be working with are the bread winner of their families.  The love they have for their families is the love they give in performing the things that need to be done.   They want to give a service that will make you satisfied in order for them to satisfy the needs of their loved ones.

Filipino employees’ desire to keep up with the new trends in the industry they are in also mirrors their dedication to succeed.  Aside from researching better ways to serve you, they attend trainings and seminars that improve their technical knowledge.

Values your money

Economist Adam Smith knows it best: “If a foreign country can supply us with a commodity cheaper than we ourselves can make it, it is better to buy it of them.”  SEO Philippines knows the essence of outsourcing.  At iConcept SEO, we value your money by giving you a customized service – all that and more made available to you in an affordable rate.  Allow us to help you focus on your core functions by giving us the go signal to work on your online presence.

Government Protection

It’s not only traveling that is more fun in the Philippines.  Outsourcing is made more fun in the Philippines because of the protection and support it gives to foreign companies wanting to outsource their needs.  Philippines has a list of government agencies tasked to help you in doing business with legal webmasters in the country.

BPO haven

Did you know that Philippines is one of the largest business process outsourcing destination? It is also recognized as second most ideal outsourcing destination according to Nielsen NetRatings.  The demand for offshore call centers led to a 46% growth in BPO industry since 2006.  Add to this Filipino professionals’ versatility in catering outsourcing services in legal and medical transcription, finance, logistics, and accounting, and software development and animation.  The creativity and ingenuity of Pinoys plus the other mentioned positive factors make up a very good outsourcing.


Mobile applications development in the Philippines

mobile applications company in the Philippines

mobile app developers in the Philippines.

Did you know?

The concept of outsourcing came out in 1960s, a time when most economies are recuperating from the onslaught of World War II.

Did you know?

American textile and apparel are said to be the first products to be outsourced in Asia.

Did you know?

Low cost of operations is one of the advantages of offshoring.  Having relatively low corporate tax rates, Ireland grew from one of the poorest to one of the richest countries in the European Union because of the high-tech “boom” following the continuous offshoring of software, electronic, and pharmaceutical intellectual property. (Wikipedia)

Did you know?

One of the most popular forms of outsourcing is Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO); programming is the most commonly outsourced activity.  Philippines and India are the favorite destination for overseas outsourcing works from American and European companies; China, for Japanese companies. (Wikipedia)

Did you know?

In the Philippines, Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP) and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) have partnered to achieve its goal of employing 1.3 million Filipinos in this industry by 2016.  The number would be 68 percent higher than the current fulltime workers numbered at 772,000.

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