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Staff Leasing Arrangement

For projects that require two or three staff to perform specific tasks (i.e. design, development), staff leasing is the perfect option for client.upon reviewing your planner form, WEBHOUSE ASIA will locate a dedicated staff with specialty on your specific requirement. the staff will perform in one month.(or depending on the agreed length of time.) all the tasks outlined in the job order.

Hourly-Based Staff Leasing

In the hourly-based staff leasing agreement, Client will make a down payment amounting to $1000. Upon payment, leased staff will perform the specified tasks from analysis, to design, development, and finetuning.  Number of hours worked by the staff will be computed at the end of the project and will be reflected in the final billing.


Monthly-Based Staff Leasing

Compensation for the monthly-based Staff Leasing depends on the level of expertise of the staff. Costs for the extension of the performance of duties of leased staff will be assessed at the end of the agreed period of time.

Price Comparison

 Staff  Per Hour  Per Month
 Graphic Artist  USD 13  USD 1,000
 Animator  USD 13  USD 1,000
 Junior Web Designer  USD 13  USD 1,000
 Junior Web Developer  USD 13  USD 1,000
 Senior Web Designer  USD 14  USD 1,200
 Senior Web Developer  USD 14  USD 1,200
 Project Manager  USD 13  USD 1,000
 Project Director  USD 15  USD 1,400
 Project Coordinator  USD 12  USD 800
 Data Entry Staff  USD 10  USD 800
 Online Assistant  USD 10  USD 800
 Link Builder  USD 10  USD 800


Hourly-Based Staff Leasing

Client: I want a simple e-commerce website for my three brands. Who do i need?

WEBHOUSE ASIA: Basing on initial impression, we suggest that you get the following professionals:

Junior Web Designer       USD 13.00 per hour

Senior Web Developer    USD 13.00 per hour

Project Manager                USD 12.00 per hour

We cannot give an exact computation at the beginning of the project if the Client avails the Hourly-Based Staff Leasing agreement. A payment of USD 100 shall be made before the project begins. For purpose of sample computation, let us assume that the project consumed 20 days with 8 hours each day. Junior Web Designer worked for 5 days while Junior Web Developer and the Project Coordinator worked 15 days.

Junior Web Designer        5 days x 8 hours x USD 13.00 = USD 520.00

Senior Web Developer    1 5 days x 8 hours x USD 13.00 = USD 1560.00

Project Manager                1 5 days x 8 hours x USD 12.00 = USD 1440.00

Total Project Cost : USD 3520.00


Monthly-Based Staff Leasing

Client: I want a simple e-commerce website for my three brands. Who do i need?

WEBHOUSE ASIA: Basic on initial impression, we suggest that you get the following professionals:

Junior Web Designer       USD 1,000.00 per month

Senior Web Developer    USD 1,200.00 per month

Project Manager                USD 1,000.00 per month


Link Builder USD 800.00 -> This can be hired after the website is uploaded in the internet. A link builder c an help improve the ranking of your website. A continuous performance of optimization strategies will bring several returns on investment.

NOTE: The total estimate of project cost is USD 4,000.00. Depending on further discussions about the project, the total cost may increase or decrease. Completion of project ahead of the agreed time will result in refund of the remaining amount of payment.


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