WEBHOUSE ASIA, a web design and web development company in Manila, Philippines specializing in affordable outsourcing-offshoring customized web design, interactive web development, e-commerce development, web-based application, website hosting services, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), whitelabel SEO,  SEO Outsourcing and other online solutions. Our experienced web designers and web developers, staff leasing and dedicated virtual web team ensure our clients of the website’s optimum marketing impact on top of the top-notch website designs that we can deliver. Explore WEBHOUSE ASIA and discover why outsourcing is more fun in the Philippines.

Mobile Apps Development

Reach your target customers in an additional medium that they are using comfortably. Smartphones are expected to be used by some 10 million people worldwide by the end of the decade. Mobile applications development in the Philippines provides a quality mobile app that appeals to mobile phone users from across various age groups.
Six of the most used operating systems are Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Blackberry OS, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, Nokia’s Symbian, and Samsung’s Bada. WEBHOUSE ASIA has a pool of mobile application developers who can develop mobile apps for the top two mobile platforms namely, iOS and Android. Outsourced mobile apps development can be performed in a staff leasing and dedicated virtual team agreements.
Android App Development
According to the latest StatCounter data, Android remains to be the top mobile operating system used in Asia and Qatar, while it is placed next to iOS in terms of usage in Australia. WEBHOUSE ASIA is a mobile applications company in the Philippines that specializes in both website development and Android app development.
iOS App Development
iOS usage in Australia is estimated at 33%, while Singapore and Canada has nearly 50-60% usage. The widespread use of Apple products is explainable by the number of professionals who are using such devices to perform their work. Companies such as yours can reach them through an iOS app developed by competent mobile app developers in the Philippines.

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