WEBHOUSE ASIA, a web design and web development company in Manila, Philippines specializing in affordable outsourcing-offshoring customized web design, interactive web development, e-commerce development, web-based application, website hosting services, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), whitelabel SEO,  SEO Outsourcing and other online solutions. Our experienced web designers and web developers, staff leasing and dedicated virtual web team ensure our clients of the website’s optimum marketing impact on top of the top-notch website designs that we can deliver. Explore WEBHOUSE ASIA and discover why outsourcing is more fun in the Philippines.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Choose project type


This is the most commonly preferred basis of operation. Companies from different countries outsource one or more internal projects or their customers’ projects to a third party service provider, who will be the one responsible for putting up the team to work on the outsourced projects. In this project type, scope and duration of projects are specified and are usually accomplished in a brief period of time.

Short Term Commitment
 You pay what you only used.
WEBHOUSE ASIA does all the coordination tasks for you.

B. Long-term

For a continuous flow of projects to be outsourced, long-term project type is applicable. Long-term project type requires a dedicated production team to work on your project with sustained level of determination. In the Long-term project type, it’s like having WEBHOUSE ASIA as your in-house web service provider.

 Higher level of priority is given to your projects.
 “Trust” Discounts are also given as part of your willingness to trust WEBHOUSE ASIA in doing your projects.
 You are the boss of your own projects.
 Closer monitoring of projects.
 Good relations between Client and Outsourcing Vendor are developed over time.
 Competencies and skills are developed overtime.

Step 2

Selection of staff

Basing on an online portfolio where qualifications of the staff-leasing-employees are listed, select the staff that you need for the project/s.  Selection of staff is applicable for Long-term projects.

You may choose between Staff Leasing and Dedicated Virtual Web Team.  The web experts that you hire will report to you directly.  Visit Packages section for more information.

Step 3

Contract Signing 

Before we start your project, let us first agree with salient matters.  The WEBHOUSE Master will send the Agreement to you so you can review and sign it.

Schedule of payment varies depending on the type of package.

Staff Leasing

This is ideal for Clients who need one or two full time staff to do the project requirements.  The staff will perform the specified tasks, depending on the agreed period of time.  In this setup, the Client can give instructions direct to the dedicated staff.

Dedicated Virtual Web Team

Dedicated virtual web team is the best solution for special projects requiring an eagle-eyed attention.  Having your virtual team in the Philippines is like having an extension of your own IT Department committed to giving all your marketing needs.

Step 4

Turnover and Strategize

The WEBHOUSE Masters will endorse the project to the web experts that you chose earlier.  The latter will schedule a Skype meeting to discuss the deliverables, timeline, and ownership of output in details.

You and the web professionals will agree on a project guide to make sure that expectations are met and delays are prevented.

Step 5

Performance of Services

Employees will work for the Client to fulfill his/her Internet-based marketing needs.  To give you more idea on how our outsourcing process works, please click on the infographic below.

webhouse-how to get started

webhouse-how to get started

webhouse-how to get started

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