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Corporate Responsibility

Surrounding ICONCEPT GLOBAL head office are the powerhouse universities in the province acclaimed nationally; among them: Bulacan State University, Baliwag University, La Consolacion University of the Philippines and Centro Escolar University-Malolos.


Providing Job Opportunities to Graduates and Young Professionals

Annually, hundreds of new information and technology graduates from these schools find themselves looking for jobs in the metro outside Bulacan, most of which end up in positions mismatched with their academic training.  ICONCEPT GLOBAL, with the help of its several brand such as ICONCEPT SEO, ZOOM.PH, SITEHAVEN ASIA,  WEBHOUSE ASIA, and ICONCEPT AUSTRALIA,  is intellectually engineered to serve its fellowmen, with the Bulacan head office catering almost all the corporate divisions – human resources, operations, accounting, logistics and administrative – and the Manila office devoted for the sales and project management departments.

In this structure, WEBHOUSE ASIA helps in providing comprehensive opportunities and career growth for Bulacan graduates, without having them displaced out of the province or end up in positions mismatched with their backgrounds. If there is one corporate social responsibility iConcept Global and its brands focus right now, it is to develop worthy citizens contributing to nationwide progress beginning with the local empowerment.


Youth Empowerment through Information Dissemination

iConcept Global also conducts free seminars on the recent trends in online marketing and web design and development.  This is one way of giving the students the industry knowledge that is useful as they enter the workplace.

Started in 2011, the University Seminar Series of iConcept Global has provided industry knowledge to students all around the Philippines.  Our developers and artists, as well as high ranking officials are frequently invited as resource speakers for career orientations and IT conventions in both national and school levels.

iConcept Global is also active in  supporting organizations that carry the same ideologies that we have.  We are also in constant communication with the Academe towards the improvement of curriculum.


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