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The Marketer’s Tool


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The Marketer’s Tool


New Economy Marketing: the solution for your business

Marketing, like other fields, has evolved from being a simple aspect of business to becoming an indispensable tool of business owners.  The battle for supremacy has become even more challenging because of the advent of new medium such as the Internet. Looking for the answers to your needs?  The answer: digital marketing.

Along with the changes in the behavior of the market are the changes in the approach to marketing.  The shift of focus from the traditional media – such as the radio, print (e.g. newspaper, magazines, flyers, etc.), and television – to the new media has prompted companies to find online solutions from reputable web development companies.  Companies in Australia, Canada, United States, Qatar Singapore, and the rest of Asia prefer outsourcing their website and Internet marketing projects in the Philippines.  Know why these companies choose to outsource in the Philippines.

The Marketer’s Tool

SEO Outsourcing is one ideal option that enables companies to brace for a raging online marketing war.  Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization are modern day tools of an aggressive marketer.  Website owners need to remember that a website is useless if it is not seen by its target audience.  Web maintenance is an important aspect of setting up an online presence.   In finding the perfect online service provider, one must consider the overall technical capacity of the team.

Webhouse ASIA is born from the Philippines’ most trusted online service provider.  Its pool of talents is capable of providing an array of services ranging from graphic design to website design and development to SEO outsourcing.  Furthermore, online solutions are available in different packages, namely staff leasing and virtual web team.

Staff leasing is ideal for projects that require two to three dedicated team members.  Compensation for talents can be either hourly or monthly basis, depending on the level of expertise of each team member.  On the other hand, offshore web team is a perfect choice for big projects that require a whole team dedicated to doing a specific project.  In this setup, the client is free to make regular communications with the whole team members as if transaction is made just next to your window.

More and more businessmen from around the globe are discovering the power of Internet marketing through SEO and SMO.  Internet marketing is so powerful that it encompasses a spectrum of creative and technical aspects.  Experienced e-marketing guy Alan Charlesworth defines Internet marketing as the type of marketing that “ties together the creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including design, development, advertising, marketing, content marketing, mobile advertising, and Web 2.0 strategies.”

Want to know how SEO works?  Contact Webhouse ASIA today.

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